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Wouldn't it be useful if our household fixtures could adapt as our lifestyles changed? As we grow older and wiser we learn to adapt to our surroundings or abandon them for a new, more accessible location.

But what if our surroundings could adapt to us? The good news is that they can—this is called universal design.

What is Universal Design?

Intelligent, forward-thinking, innovative: these are the traits of a universally designed bathroom.  With comfort and style at the fore, universally designed bathrooms demonstrate a commitment, like its owners, to adapt.

Universal design keeps everyone in mind…

  • People with Varying Special Needs
  • Those Committed to Aging in Place
  • Children
  • And everyone in between!

Universal design strives to make people from all walks of life feel safe, comfortable, and independent.

How Does Universal Design Work?

Universal design works to ensure a sense of independent living. Smart universal design provides a variety of solutions for easier living while being both stylish and functional.

Examples of intelligent and affordable universal design options include:

The question to ask is: why relocate when you can remodel? Know that there are a variety of affordable options available to make easy living a whole lot more accessible. Our universal design options can enhance the ease and comfort of just about any living situation.

Call our professionals today to learn more about how our universal design solutions can help enhance your bathroom.